Your Dream Kitchen Awaits

The kitchen is the heart of the home even more so now than ever. It is where we prepare our meals, visit with family, and gather with friends to watch the game.  It is the command centre of the home (or cottage); a classroom, and for some, it’s the home office. The kitchen is the crowning jewel of our home and it’s where many of our most cherished memories are made.

Harwood Kitchens in Peterborough, Ontario was founded by Charles Harwood over thirty years ago. This family-run business has been providing Peterborough and the surrounding area with turn-key kitchens and custom-built cabinetry earning a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship, great customer service, and continually exceeding the expectations of their customers. Harwood Kitchens takes pride in their work and love hearing the ‘wow’ from their customers when seeing their new kitchen for the first time. 

As Charles looks forward to retirement, there has been a change of ownership. The business is in good hands and has stayed within the family with niece Sam Schevers taking over the day to day operations of the well-loved company. Having worked closely with Charles, Sam is excited to continue what he started – working hard and providing customers with a superior product and excellent service. If there is one thing Sam loves, it’s kitchens!

“There is something special about taking a concept on paper that our designers and clients have perfected and seeing it through to its completion. As I stand in my client’s finished kitchen, I Sam Schevers owner of Hardwoodexperience that feeling of satisfaction not only for a job well done, but as a result of a well laid out kitchen, knowing we have made life easier for our clients,” Sam explains.

One of the keys to Harwood Kitchens’ success is their passion for design and dedication to their customers which Sam and her team will continue to build on. From the moment you contact them, the staff at Harwood Kitchens is with you every step of the way from selecting your cabinets and countertop to delivery and installation.

Harwood Kitchens does more than kitchens! Other projects they have worked on include laundry rooms, bar areas, entertainment units, fireplace surrounds, bathroom cabinetry, coffee bars, closets and home offices.    

Thinking about a new kitchen, laundry room or closet? Sam and the team at Harwood Kitchens have some things to keep in mind when getting ready for your project:

  • Think about what you want for the space. Inspiration is everywhere! Gather pictures from online sources such as Pinterest and Don’t forget to visit Harwood Kitchens online gallery to see and get some ideas for your project.
  • Sketch the existing layout or take some photos of the space you are renovating. Make notes on what you like and dislike about the space as well as what works and what doesn’t. Share these notes with your designer as it helps develop a design that works for you.  
  • Have a ‘wish list’ of what you would like to see in the finished space. Wine bar? Extra-large pantry? Decorative display cabinets? Large island with comfortable seating?  
  • Appliances – are you keeping the current appliances or are you replacing them? Have the appliance information handy, make and model or dimensions – this will help with designing the kitchen layout and when choosing the appropriate finishes for your kitchen.
  • Know your budget. Knowing exactly what you have available to spend will help when it comes time to design your space. It will guide your decision making in all aspects of your project.

Renovating a space can be daunting and overwhelming. Sam and her team at Harwood Kitchens are here to help make your dreams a reality. Combining the wide selection of cabinet styles, countertops, hardware, and finishes with the experienced designers to tailor a renovation to any budget, you will join the other customers who became part of the Harwood Kitchen family. 

Harwood Kitchens