World’s Largest Mark’s

The world’s largest Mark’s is right here in Peterborough, and about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its new location. It has been an exciting year for the staff, who have received great feedback and support from customers old and new.

What hasn’t changed since 1977 is the Mark’s commitment to providing innovative and authentic clothing with durability built in, using their workwear DNA – keeping you comfortable, confident, warm, dry and safe, all day every day.

bottom of Tarantula IceFX boot

After several years of product development and testing, Mark’s is pleased to introduce Tarantula IceFX winter boots, which integrate the latest compounds, materials and innovative tread designs to achieve slip-resistance on ice. Independently lab-tested by RateMyTreads, the Tarantula IceFX is rated among the top performing boots in Canada.

Mark’s has even pushed some of their own suppliers, like Vibram, to keep up. They have now developed Vibram Arctic Grip, which is used on boots from Merrell, Sperry and Cat – product lines which Mark’s also carries. In fact, Mark’s carries the largest selection of the top-rated boots in Canada.

Consumers can find innovative comfort and warmth with Tmax and Tmax Heat, Mark’s lightest, warmest and temperature-regulating insulation. Mark’sRow of TMAX socks heat winter socks designers work to apply this technology wherever it can increase comfort. In items as simple as fleece jackets or thermal underwear, it dissipates heat if the wearer gets too warm. In gloves, jacket and winter boots it allows lighter and more comfortable designs which provide warmth without bulk.

Watch for their new “No Fly Zone” clothing for spring 2019 – after ten years of development it is now out, tested and proven to repel mosquitoes. It was personally tested at a family reunion in Nova Scotia this past summer, with great results.

Mark’s continues to innovate, bringing authentic, durable, comfortable clothing upon which you can depend to work as hard as you.

Talk to any of the Mark’s associates to learn more about the attention to detail that goes into all their clothing and footwear.

Mark’s, 1230 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough, 705-748-9570

Photos by Tania Moher


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