Winterizing with The Clozer

The leaves are changing, cooler nights and crisp mornings are here; it is almost time to say goodbye to your seasonal property for the wintery months. With this change in the weather comes the checklist of closing up for the season; and a big one on the list is winterizing your plumbing – draining water pipes and water-based appliances can be a stressful chore. 

Canadian plumber Brian Feeney saw a need for an easier way to winterize, and with his years of hands-on experience, created a genius system to help get the job done. The Clozer is a flow-activated electric pump that is designed to pump non-toxic plumbing antifreeze into your water system to prevent freezing and rupturing of the pipes and lines. The remarkably user-friendly Clozer helps home and cottage owners protect against the costly damage frozen and burst waterlines can cause over the winter when properties are not being used. 

Did you know merely draining your water lines will not stop water from settling in low points to freeze? Another go-to of ‘blowing lines out’ can result in water and condensation settling which will still cause your pipes to freeze and break – the safest way to protect your pipes is to fill them with plumbing antifreeze.

The Clozer connects to valves that are spliced into the hot and cold lines at your hot water tank. By simply operating the taps and fixtures the valves to the hot and cold lines are opened allowing The Clozer to pump non-toxic plumbing antifreeze through all the water supply lines; when the flow from fixtures turns from clear to pink you know you are done with that section of plumbing. 

Opening your seasonal property after using The Clozer is a breeze! All you need to do is turn the water back on and run the taps and water-based appliances to clear the plumbing antifreeze – voila, water back on!

“I bought the Clozer II for my off-grid cabin. I’ve been blowing out my water lines for years. Although my process was workable, this product made it much easier and not a process I dread. Highly recommend this product, especially if you intermittently visit your cottage/cabin. Love it!!! I use it 3 times a month in the winter. Love the Canadian resourcefulness and practicality of this product.”       – M. von Wahlde

What are you waiting for? Simple opening and closing of the cottage plumbing is only a call away – let Brian walk you through the easiest winterizing yet with the installation of The Clozer – your complete plumbing winterizing system, made right here in Canada.  1 855 592 5888