Winter Projects Create Summer Paradise

Do you remember all of those ideas on your to-do list for the inside of your cottage? Now is likely the best time take on your projects. You probably have more time on your hands, and it’s a great opportunity to check in on your get-away place. What about flooring, new doors or trim, kitchens, bathrooms, even painting?

Plan ahead and make a weekend of it. Decide on your most important task, then organize a material and tool list as well as a written game plan to be the most productive with your time.

Take enough food and water for your stay, more plumbers antifreeze for topping up your drains and toilets and yes, the keys.

Watch for sales at your local supply store and consider ordering ahead and having it delivered – well worth the cost. Most stores offer better prices in the blue bathroomwinter, as do many contractors. Renovators would rather work in the warmth and are usually happy to take on inside work, so you will likely receive better customer service too.

Choose to do the tasks that you are comfortable with, and hire out the rest. Don’t try to do it all yourself – it could be neverending. Keep in mind that when the nice weather comes, you will want to be outside, doing outside projects or just enjoying the view.

I know that it sounds like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s worth it. You get away for the weekend, and you will feel the pride when your family and guests arrive next summer.

Keep creating paradise.

By Our Resident DIY Guru
Dave Linkert, Port 32 Marshall Homes, Bobcaygeon