White Kitchens

Crisp. Clean. Classic. They never go out of style. White kitchens have been a go-to client request for years and will continue to be. As this does tend to be the most expensive renovation project in your home, most people want something that will stand the test of time. Our approach to an all-white scheme? Keep it interesting. Use different textures and materials to keep the eye moving.

Fabric can give you the drama you need
In this home we added a bold floral fabric to give this all white kitchen the squeeze of zest it needs. This dramatic pop breaks up all the white and provides movement as well as colour. The drapery and roman blind can also easily be changed out in a few years, if another fabric catches your eye, for a whole new look. The timeless white base can remain as is.

Mix your tones and your metals
This warm white kitchen uses many shades of cream and white to keep things interesting, from the backsplash to the counters, cabinets and stools, many shades are combined for a sophisticated, layered and lived in look. The brass and gold accents also provide some contrast to really add warmth and depth to the space, while the stainless-steel appliances provide that impressive chef’s kitchen vibe. While this space still reads as neutral and white, once you break it down you can really see just how many different elements are combined here to create depth and dimension in this kitchen. Your all white kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be all white.

White with a twist
In this mostly white space, we added the softest blue to the island and hood just to add a little pop. While still reading as a mostly white kitchen this subtle move suddenly gives the space a whole new look. This space evokes thoughts of the ocean and beach with the light blue watery hue, and the natural and neutral tones of the showstopping stools, and subtly patterned window treatments. The amazing bubble chandeliers are the piece de resistance in this space creating the wow factor. Spraying out all the cabinets in the blue would have been too much for this homeowner, as they still wanted that timeless white kitchen appeal, but this little hit of colour gives the space oomph and creates that special custom feel, so they know they have something no one else will.

Award winning Designer Michelle Berwick is the Principal & Creative Founder of Michelle Berwick Design.
For almost a decade this notable firm has become sought after for providing livable stylish and uniquely personal interiors.