What you need to know about Replacing Screens

With mosquito season upon us, replacing window and door screens is a common thing people need to do, but many of us might think we need to hire someone to fix it. Replacing your window or door screen is easy when you know how. Let’s walk you through it and turn things around in no time.

Time: allow an hour or so to complete the job.

Head to the local hardware store with a list and about forty bucks. 

Things you will need: A flat head screw driver, a decent pair of scissors, a utility knife, screen spline and spline rolling tool, an appropriate sized roll of screen, allowing enough for this time and next.

Tip: use a heavier gauge mesh for patio doors and a shade style on the sunny side to keep things cool.

1. Find a well lit flat surface to work on. Safety glasses are always a must. Get out your tools.

2. Find the end of the black plastic spline and gently work it out of the groove. Pull it by hand to remove the rest. Remove the screen.

3. Place the old screen over the new one for a template, allowing an additional 2” on all four sides.

4. Place the new screen onto the frame squarely. Rest the new spline on the groove and start to roll it in with some pressure to get it started. Hold the roller firm and straight to make sure that it’s in.

5. Cut the spline where they meet and trim off the extra screen with the utility knife, not much pressure needed. Use the flat head screw driver to tuck the corners in.

6. Reinstall the screen, then sit and admire.

Take your time. Don’t think of it as work but simply an hour well spent.

By Dave Linkert, Site Supervisor Marshall Homes Port 32