Welcoming New Members of the Wolf Pack

The Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve offers the opportunity to observe an unsocialized pack of wolves roaming freely in a 15-acre enclosure. Education and research are the focus of this unique wolf facility whose mandate is research and education. Both are important components within the overall framework of Haliburton Forest with its philosophy of integrated, sustainable resource management and land use. The Wolf Centre is no exception.

And they have great news!

Luna, one of the wolves from the Wild Life Reserve, has exceeded all expectations and given birth to four wolf pups sometime around the 5th of May; two female, two males, three black and one brown!

The crew, consisting of Paul, Tegan, Cameron, Pete and Ines entered the Wolf Centre enclosure the morning of May 6, 2020 looking for the den site when colleague Marena informed them that she hadn’t seen Luna since the day before at 7:30 am. What they found was four squeaking balls of fur very deep in their den.

As their primary care givers, and since they are captive animals, by vet orders the team must remove the pups from the den, count them, give them a quick look over and administer Strongid, a de-worming medication – and then put them back.

The team at Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve are cautiously optimistic, knowing that a litter’s survival rate is 50%. The pups typically don’t make their first visible appearances until mid to late June, so only time will tell.

Rest assured that even if you aren’t allowed to visit the Wolf Centre at this time, they will continue to post pictures and videos to share the pups progress.

Enjoy the pictures! And make sure to tune into Marena’s live education streams Sundays at 3pm from the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre Facebook page.

Unlike most other facilities of its kind, the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre is a private facility, supported entirely through user fees.