Welcome to the Winter Issue

The new year blew in on the wings of a Christmas storm, and hopefully that is an indication that the new year will be brisk and fresh – the calm after the storm. 

Winter is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and begin to dream about what you can accomplish in a new year. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, many people use this time of year to make wishes and plan for the coming years events. Some may dream of traveling more, some may want to achieve new goals in careers, or academically; maybe you are thinking about starting a family in 2023. Whatever you believe you can achieve in your new year, I encourage you to choose a word for the year. When you choose a word for the year you promise to yourself that word holds special meaning for the coming year. This year I am choosing ‘Yes’. Yes, to adventure, yes to change and yes to helping more, yes to things that challenge me – yes to life!

Welcome to the winter 2023 Issue of the magazine. In this issue we focus on fun. Haliburton is on the cover with the launch of their new Winter Hike Haliburton festival. They share with you the local adventure of experiencing this Highlands by way of snowshoe, with volunteer led expeditions. This winter the designers at Birchview Design give you pointers on how to open up your small space, and designer Diana Rose points out top trends to watch for 2023. Our artist spotlight is on Dean James, a local musician who will make you want to get up and dance, and Craig Nicholson writes his humorous thoughts into his Cottage Lifestyle column. Favourites Jacquelyn Toupin – lifestyle writer, and Jacob Rodenburg – outdoor education enthusiast are back with good reads for winter. The Intrepid Snowmobiler offers ice safety tips, and the Cornish sisters bring home a Royal Fair Rodeo win!

The perfect time to read this cozy issue is after a vigorous adventure with a toboggan, so get outside and get rosey cottage country – the winter wonderland called Canada awaits your exploration.