Welcome to the Spring into Summer Issue of Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

Welcome to the time of year where we gingerly step outside in our sandals hoping for the warmer weather – whether it is here yet or not! It is the season of renewal and refreshment as the weather goes from chilly and wet to hot and dry. When flowers begin popping up and we start to see our beautiful Cottage Country region in full bloom. The lakes and rivers are shifting and warming, getting ready for those first brave swimmers. Getting the dock in is at the top of the list, and launching the boat is a must to get back out on the water, back to where your soul feels free. The kids are thinking about long days with no school spent on the lake, and parents can’t wait for a cold drink on the dock.

Welcome to the Spring into Summer Issue of Cottage Country Magazine. In this issue we have many interesting stories from feel-good news about Lang Pioneer Village and Hutchison House Museum, to ecological articles explaining how to keep your waterfront healthy – there is a warning about the harms of specific algae and vegetation which are impacting our bodies of water, and information on how to protect your boat with a new boatlift. We offer lots of design inspiration in this issue – when it comes to making updates to your home and cottage, our designers have some tips for you! 

There is a little something for everyone – even the kids! Get them outside with tips from our resident homeschool Mamma, and learn how to call worms with Jacob Rodenburg – this is great news for kids who love to fish with wiggly earthworms. Speaking of fishing, Mike Williams teaches you how to pick the perfect rod and reel for you in this exciting issue, too!

Welcome to early summer, Cottage Country – we can’t wait to get out to the lake with you.

The 2021 Hot List of Destinations & Attractions Community Spotlight Guide

There are many small towns in Cottage Country filled with interesting outdoor locations that are safe and contactless to visit this season. Plus, our small towns are filled with small businesses all working hard to do contactless pickup and curbside orders. Enjoy the character of the villages and communities as you travel though our region and get to know the heart of Cottage Country.

You’ll find hundreds of ideas in this Hot List of Destinations & Attractions Community Spotlight Guide that will take you to some of the greatest attractions, events and businesses in Cottage Country.

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