We all hear a lot about climate change – literally daily now.

It is real – just ask the persons from the Muskoka, Bracebridge, Haliburton areas from last spring that saw devastating flooding in many area’s and forest fires burning in 2018.

With all of this, residents were not able to access their properties – rightfully so, to allow emergency personnel to do their best to manage it all.

In 2018, I was camping in Algonquin park three times and two of those times there was fire bans but with disturbing reports of hobby drones flying over properties – simply because the owners wanted to know if its still there. This resulted by the way in several fines of up to $10,000 for interfering with water bombing activities by MNR and ME. Very similar issue in Bracebridge in particular in spring of 2019.

So what do you do if you do not have power or is suspect, internet is not existent but you still want the comfort of knowing what is going on?

Enter RemoteViewPro. I can provide you with emergency solar generation equipment and really importantly solar and battery powered CCTV with cell connection to send you an image on your profile, time lapse, or simply upon motion to you know if it’s a bear or deer or a person around your property while you are a distance away. Smart phone app, and web app to use, very user friendly with AI – artificial intelligence to determine a person and / or vehicle on your site. Video is recorded locally. Images sent upon your set up.

Do you have a cabin, second home, cottage, RV stored for the winter, boat? Would you want to be able to see if the property or asset is still there when not in use? Vosker camera can provide you all of that with motion detection image capture sent directly to your smartphone via free app or web app OR you can set for time lapse + photo giving you the best of both worlds – to know your property is still there, not under water in the spring time flooding etc – V200 solar powered with battery back-up and cell connection.

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