Waterscaping with Jaws Weed Rake

After trying numerous tools to keep the weeds at bay Jeff Russell, a third-generation cottage owner on the Severn River, created the Jaws Aquatic Weed Rake.  “As teenagers we pulled an old bed spring behind the boat to try and remove the weeds from our dock area,” says Jeff. “I wanted a rake that had teeth so that without getting wet, I could pull the weeds from the root.”

This inventive rake is lightweight aluminum with a 36” blade that is attached to a five-foot handle with 25′ of rope.  You simply toss the rake into the water and let it settle before pulling the rake towards you.

Instead of snipping the weeds, as other weed removal tools do, the Jaws Weed Rake’s teeth grabs and pulls the weeds out by the root, which stops the regrowth of weeds.  It is suggested that you would then leave the weeds on the shore to dry out before discarding them.

Just like landscaping your yard at home, we call this “waterscaping”.   The rake can be used throughout the summer, and in only a couple of hours the weeds are removed.  If you approach the weed removal weekly and continue to waterscape, swimming and boating areas are much improved.

The Jaws Aquatic Weed Rake is manufactured and assembled in Barrie, Ontario.  It is also available at select Hardware Stores including stores in the Haliburton and Kawarthas area.  

For a full listing of distributors visit www.jawsweedrake.com