Up North

I sat on the deck with my coffee this morning. It was serene. The walnut tree in our backyard provided a wonderful cool shade on our deck. There was a slight nip in the air and a few leaves that had fallen from our grand tree had turned yellow. It was a telltale sign that summer was almost at an end and fall was ready to welcome us with open arms into harvest time and cozy scarves.

I love the fall.  My family and I enjoy going for bike rides and hikes through the forest. We love taking drives up north to see the red, yellow and orange maples in Algonquin. Fall is a time for family, a time to gather, a time to enjoy the bounty of our local farms and to indulge in the beauty of the amazing forest and trails our province has to offer. I am always in awe of how fortunate we are to have such beauty at our fingertips. Fall is also a time to reflect; a time to be thankful for who we have and what we have.

I came across this poem this past week.

Up North by Suzanne Kindler.

It’s the place people go to escape,
a place made of cabins, pine trees and lakes.
But no matter how far you drive,
there’s no sign to say “You’ve arrived.”
So just follow your heart til you find,
your special place that brings peace of mind.
As you breathe in the air and unwind,
your cares are all left behind.
It’s no mystery where the northwoods start.
When you’re “up north,”
you’ll know in your heart.

These words have stuck with me. After a summer full of swimming in pristine lakes, camping in pine forests, cottaging at the lake and jumping off the dock, I am thankful. We love being “Up North”, we always know when we are there, and we are grateful for that.

By Danielle McNelly, Nortech Windows, Doors & Sunrooms