Turning to Plants During Hard Times

As the wheel turns and we head into the dark times of the year, this can often be a difficult period for people. Whether it is the seasonal blues, worries about the state of the world or simply uncertainty during hard times, plants can be a steadfast ally to guide us through the trials of our lives. 

Some of my favourite remedies for this time of year are preparations known as flower essences.  Flower essences are energetic in nature, similar to homeopathy, and are designed to help support a variety of emotional states. From fear and bitterness, to overwhelm or a chaotic mind, flower essences can be a gentle support system for those in need. Due to their energetic nature, they are very safe remedies to use and do not interact with medications or other remedies. However, it is always wise to seek outside professional guidance if you are uncertain.

If you have ever used or heard of Rescue Remedy, then you are familiar with the most ‘famous’ flower essence blend that is widely available. Often used to help with stress, anxiety, and trauma, Rescue Remedy (or Traum-Aid+ as named in my apothecary) is a favourite of many.  While I do love this remedy, the world of flower essences is wide and diverse, just like the world of humans. If emotions challenge you this time of year, I encourage you to explore this aspect of plant medicine.

Correne Omland, Clinical Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner

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