Tips to Help Your Dog Through the HEAT

Have lots of hydration available like water bowls with large floating ice – try filling and freezing an old plastic ice cream tub with water and throw in some of your dog’s favourite balls or toys to make it fun while it melts.

Spraying your pooch with a fine mist of water or soaking a towel and rubbing down his fur will be a welcome reprieve on a hot day.

Both humans and animals can benefit by putting their feet in water. The water doesn’t need to be ice cold, and just a few inches of water is sufficient to place your pooch in. Pet him as he enjoys the cooling effect, and if you are hot as well, hop in while you’re at it. Both of you will quickly cool down.

Yard sales are great for picking up a kid’s pool – grab one for your dog and he will love it.

Please remember animals can get heat stroke – make sure your pets do not have prolonged exposure to the sun – get them in the shade and please don’t leave unattended pets in vehicles!