Think Fisher Excavating for New Builds

As many of you are aware, Fisher Excavating and Grading is a local excavating company who have been serving the Kawartha Lakes and surrounding area for over 14 years now. They take pride in all of their projects from beginning to end. Dwaine Fisher, owner of Fisher Excavating and Grading has a reputation for his outstanding work crew who also take pride in their work for the company. Fisher Excavating and Grading has built a strong foundation with all their shoreline work, dredging and barging and will continue to focus on those type of projects but would also like the readers to be aware of other areas of Dwaine’s business. 

Dwaine Fisher also completes home construction, beginning with site meetings with engineers, septic inspectors and contractors if required. Fisher Excavating and Grading is a licensed septic startseptic installation company for all your repairs, additions or new septic installations. Fisher Excavating is able to connect the customer with the appropriate suppliers if a treatment unit is required due to property space or higher water tables. One thing that sets Dwaine and his crew apart from other contractors, is their knowledge of working in and around water sources and how important it is to protect these entities. Fisher Excavating and Grading is a company that has environmental insurance in place to protect not only their business but also the homeowner on their projects. The laws and regulations are continually changing surrounding what type of septic systems are allowed and this also varies by region as well. Dwaine has worked with numerous septic inspectors in various areas and understands what is expected in each area. He will obtain all necessary permits to ensure that a septic system is passed and installed without the homeowner having to worry about that process. 

Contact Fisher Excavating and Grading for all of your new home/cottage construction. Dwaine would be more than happy to discuss your project with you at any time. We also specialize in retaining walls, driveway and culvert placement and final grade on a property. Let Dwaine’s vision become reality in your back yard.

Over the last two years, Dwaine Fisher has started to work with Steve Durand of Creekside Construction Services. These two individuals will oversee your entire home/cottage projects from start to finish. They work with the homeowner to ensure their dreams can come to life. When booking your project with Fisher Excavating and Creekside Construction, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed in the level of expertise and professionalism that comes from these two individuals and their crews. Contact Dwaine or Steve at any time to discuss your ideas!

Fisher Excavating and Grading is always here for all of shoreline, dredging – and not to forget, barging needs as well. They can go anywhere. When there is a will there is always a way. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box to get the project completed together. Fisher still looks after obtaining all necessary permits from local conservation, MNR departments (if needed) and Trent Severn Waterways. Even if the process is taking a bit longer right now with pandemic staffing issues at some locations, they will get the permits in place. Call them for your free quote today or even just to discuss a potential future design for your property. Booking for summer and fall 2021 now!

Check out their website:, or contact them at 705-878-3714 (Bus), 705-878-6474 (Mobile) or by email at