Thin & Healthy. Your Weight Loss Solution. Keto Version!

Our weight loss program has been doing amazing in helping people reach their health and weight loss goals! We would like to thank everyone who has voted for us in the Reader’s Choice Awards, it has been a great year. However, there is a lot of talk about the keto diet and I have noticed many people doing it in an unhealthy way. So, we are happy to announce that our Thin and Healthy weight loss program is now offering a Keto version. Thin and Healthy Keto Version combines the keto diet with scheduled eating, elimination of food intolerances/allergies and our homeopathic weight loss spray, to gain optimal healthy weight loss and overall health. We offer a low caloric keto diet for faster weight loss, and a moderate caloric intake for a more gradual weight loss. We are still offering our original Thin and Healthy weight loss program as not everyone is a candidate for the Keto version. During your initial visit we will work together to figure out which diet is best for you. The program is 9 weeks and is covered by most extended health care benefits. Call today and start losing!!

What is a Keto Diet?
A Keto diet is a diet that helps to optimize your body’s ability to burn its own fat stores. 

Healthy Benefits of a keto Diet
• Decreased belly fat, cravings, hunger
• Increased energy
• Improvement in cognitive function, memory, concentration, focus, mood, more stable blood sugars, decreasing blood pressure and achieving the body and health you really want.

What is the importance of Eliminating Food Intolerances?
When your food intolerances/allergens are identified and removed from your diet this benefits your weight loss and your overall health. Food intolerances have been linked to the following health concerns: weight gain, decreased motivation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, snoring, lack of sleep, acne, eczema, hives, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, congestion, muscle and joint aches.

Common mistakes made when doing Keto Diet

Not measuring and recording your food

It can make success very challenging. Our version makes this measuring system simple for everyone to achieve. If you’re not keeping track of what you are eating, it can be hard to make sure you’re consuming the right portions of fat, protein and carbs that will allow your body to burn its own fat stores.

Not replenishing enough water or electrolytes.
The keto diet is diuretic in nature and therefore you will use the washroom a lot more, decreasing your water and electrolytes.

Not consuming enough vegetables.
Vegetables are full of potassium and minerals that the body needs to function optimally and this also helps to prevent the Keto Flu.

Consuming too much protein.
Too much protein will be converted in the liver to glycogen and this sugar will kick you out of ketosis.

Consuming too many unhealthy fats.
This will set you up for other health problems down the road.

Snacking stimulates insulin which triggers fat storage and halts your body’s fat burning for a period of time.

If you are interested in more information about the Thin and Healthy weight loss program or our Keto version you can come out to our next lecture on
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