There’s nothing “Small” about Love

Over the years, the staff at Burleigh Falls Inn has had the privilege of assisting with one of the most romantic days in a couple’s life; their wedding.  These events are often filled with much pomp & circumstance, everything on a larger than life scale, and it can all get a little overwhelming.

More intimate celebrations are becoming a popular choice, smaller gatherings with a true focus on what is most important; the love shared between two individuals.

In today’s world there seems to be a real need to slow things down, scale things back, and really focus on the importance of the celebration. Many couples gather the most important people in their lives, those who are committed in supporting their love, and whose support they can really count on during their new journey as husband and wife.

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Smaller celebrations allow for more flexibility and tend be a truer reflection of the couple themselves.  Imagine being able to include all of your guests in every aspect of your celebration. Think: a personal photo session with each guest, hand-picked menus reflecting personal taste, and perhaps spending not just one day but an entire weekend surrounded with those you love most.

Burleigh Falls Inn has been honoured to host celebrations that included weekends full of personal touches, like group outings, family style dinners, campfire gatherings, pajama parties, card games, and family photos; and – somewhere in there – a touching ceremony.

There is no “rule” book when planning your wedding, and often couples seem to forget this.  It’s your day, your union, and it’s your love.  Surround yourself with those who support this in every way, those who have guided you and will continue to do so – whether that be 4 or 400.  Most importantly, always remember there is nothing “small” about love.

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