The Victoria Rail Trail Corridor

The Victoria Rail Trail Corridor (VRTC) is one of the most popular and scenic trails in the Kawarthas.  On any given day in summer, you will see everyone from cyclists and hikers to ATVs and dirt bikes enjoying this trail.

The VRTC starts in Bethany and connects with the Haliburton Rail Trail (HRT) just north of Kinmount.  In total it is 85 kms of reclaimed CN rail bed which has been converted to a multi-use recreational trail.  There are some restrictions as to where dirt bikes and SxS can use the trail but other than that the entire trail is open to all users including our equestrian friends.  In winter you will see snowmobiles, cross country skiers and hikers enjoying the trail as well.

One of the most scenic sections of the trail is between Garnet Graham Park and Northline Road in Fenelon Falls.  This stretch of trail runs past some of the most historic cottages in the area as well as some of the largest and most beautiful waterfront homes.  In some sections the trail is covered by a beautiful canopy of trees which are stunning in fall when the leaves change colour.  Once you get a little north of the park the trail opens to an unobstructed view of Cameron Lake.  This part of the trail is breathtaking.

As you continue to head north, you’ll come to the iron bridge which crosses over the Burnt River.  The bridge is about 100 feet above the river which allows for a stunning view of the river in both directions.  As you keep heading north you pass all types of terrain and wetlands.  This area is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, moose, and bears.  It has been a common occurrence this year for ATV riders to see a bear crossing the trail in front of them.

As you approach Kinmount you will first cross the Crego Creek bridge, another scenic spot for taking lots of pictures but watch out for the snakes sunning themselves on the wooden bridge.  The next stop is the village of Kinmount.  On a Saturday morning in summer, you’ll catch the Farmers Market which sets up right on the trail as you enter the village.  Make sure you stop for some home baked goodies, farm fresh veggies and homemade crafts.

Another must-see is the Austin Sawmill and the dam, both just off the trail – you can’t miss them.  If you still have energy and time to spare keep heading north and you’ll soon be on the Haliburton Rail Trail, which has its own beautiful scenery.  

Regardless of how far up the VRTC you decide to venture you can always find lots to see and do – so make sure you add this destination to your list of things to do whether you live here or are just visiting. 

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