The Spirit of Black’s Distillery

Walking into Black’s distillery you cannot help but be immediately turned on.

Behind the rich smell of leather, wood and undertones of gin, you quickly learn the attraction is in the story, a story full of history and alignment, a tale worth telling.

Robert Black allows the pride and passion for his business to shine from him, the truth lies deep within history, heritage and his love for this region; along with his essential ingredient – Red Fife wheat.

His proud Scottish heritage links back to the Duhb (Duff) clan, and the town of Fife.  Yes, as in David Fife – the curator, the creator of Red Fife wheat – first grown from these lands, just southeast of Peterborough (Lang Pioneer Village) in the 1840’s.

The impact that Red Fife wheat has had on the history of the agriculture and the ability to grow a decent yield speaks boldly in history. Before Red Fife Wheat there was no decent yield of wheat here in Canada or the USA.  Red Fife was the first rust resistant wheat – developed and grown right here in Ontario. Still used by artisanal bakers today, the strength of this wheat has stood the test of time, even with newer strains coming into play.

The Old English Definition of Sprits: “The undying essence. The soul. A supernatural being, often but not exclusively without physical form; ghost, fairy, angel.”

That definition isn’t far off from listening to Robert explain the process of creating his spirits; he makes you feel nothing less then spiritual. The ‘spirit’, he says is pulled, and vaporized from the essence of the grain. Using the Medieval Latin- term “Aqua Vitae” literally means the “water of Life” – origin of spirits. 

“There is no compromising when it comes to our distilling process,” says Black. It starts with all-natural ingredients, “our ingredients have always been selected with the intent to create connection – raw, authentic connection to mother earth.”

Like their signature gin; it combines a beautifully balanced wave of floral, herbaceous, peppery and juniper notes with hints of licorice and spice. 

Robert’s journey, and his now life-long relationship with Red Fife, began long before his connection of lineage was made, before it was realized this path might have been chosen for him; honoring his ancestors, without even knowing it. 

That’s where you truly start to feel the alignment – feel the true meaning of purpose and connection coming full circle, that’s why Black’s spirits are so special; they are created, not produced – they are a result of science, art and life’s purpose.

It doesn’t matter which spirit you try – each sip is accompanied with a slow head shake, a nod, and a “wow…that’s somethin’ special!”
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