The Peterborough Humane Society Pet Project Campaign Receives Another $25k Pledge

The Peterborough Humane Society’s campaign to build its first-of-its-kind Animal Care Centre is well underway, with yet another donor pledging $25,000 towards the new Centre. The Leask family was inspired to give by their son, Todd, a dedicated supporter of the Humane Society, who has been walking dogs there for over five years. 

The Leask family toured the existing facility this past summer and were impressed with the work and dedication of the staff and volunteers, despite the limitations of the building. 

Designed by Peterborough-based Lett Architects, the new Peterborough Animal Care Centre will sit on 20 acres of land on Technology Drive. The purpose-built facility will be home to the Humane Society’s new Adoption and Education Centre, designed with animals’ well-being in mind, providing more space, natural light and reducing stress, and will set a new standard for animal welfare in Canada. The space will allow for expansion of the Humane Society’s outreach, education and advocacy programs, including plans for youth programming and educational partnerships with both Trent University and Fleming College. 

Rendering of the new dog kennels

“Based on what we witnessed on tour, including a description and architects drawing of the new facilities, and feedback from our son Todd, we decided we needed to do something to help get this proposed new facility through to fruition as soon as possible. The biggest need was funding. We therefore have committed to a monthly charitable donation, amounting to a total of $25,000. We are confident this money will all be put to good use,” says Leask.

The Leask family are avid dog lovers and are particularly excited about the Canada’s first Provincial Dog Rehab Centre (in partnership with the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society). Behaviour specialists will create individual rehabilitation programs for dogs needing more support because of abuse, neglect or trauma. 

Todd Leask and PHS dog Baxter

Fundraising is gaining momentum with several families and businesses pledging contributions, as well as a significant investment of $1.68 million from the City of Peterborough, $2 million from the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, and $50,000 from Community Futures Peterborough, to name but a few.

The Peterborough Humane Society was established in 1941 and the current shelter was built in 1956, designed initially as a pound. While the current site has served the community well for the last 60+ years, they have outgrown the space

Research has shown that pets make us happier and healthier, lowering blood pressure, helping us keep a healthy weight, alleviating depression, supporting people living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, Alzheimer’s and much more. At Peterborough Humane Society, Our Pet Project is our way of thanking pets for making us healthier and happier by helping them become healthier and happier.