The Common Loon

The Common Loon, also called the great northern diver, is a national symbol of Canadian wildlife and is one of 5 loon species worldwide.

Have you ever seen a loon walk on land? Loon legs are placed far back on the body, which makes a loon look very silly while walking. The name “loon” is actually believed to come from the clumsy, “loony” walking style of the loon!

This loon washed up on an Ennismore shore off Gannon Bay. The most common issue when we are contacted about loons is fish hooks and lines – this lady was no exception.

Fortunately, she beached herself, which allowed Leigha and her family to safely contain the bird and bring her to our centre for treatment. 

The biggest challenge in helping injured loons is actually capturing them, so we are incredibly grateful to the rescuers for getting her help so quickly!

Even more incredibly, the hook managed to miss crucial structures and was removed without complication. She was treated for pain and cleared of infection before release the very next day. Getting her back to the water healthy was our top priority. Her mate and young baby were waiting for her back at the bay!

Please help keep our lakes and waterways safe for the birds, fish, and animals that also call them home. Always properly dispose of fishing gear and if you accidentally hook a bird or turtle, do not cut it loose! Please secure them and contact an Authorized Wildlife Custodian right away so they can be safe.