The Best Reasons to Play Golf in the Fall

Fantastic temperatures
After a summer of heat and humidity it’s refreshing to get out and play on warm sunny days without feeling like you are melting. With average daily temperatures stretching into the mid to high teens and sometimes a stretch of Indian summer, September and October are great times to get out and play.

Spectacular views
Courses are often in tip-top shape after a summer of full-time maintenance, and gorgeous fall colours provide the perfect backdrop to a day on the links. Keep a close eye on your ball – even a perfect shot in the fairway can be lost in a pile of leaves.

Less crowded
With most of the cottagers having returned home for the season and the kids back to school, getting your preferred tee time is usually a breeze.

Reduced rates
With the departure of the cottagers comes the reduction of green fees and earlier twilight rates as well as membership specials for next season. You may be able to play the rest of this season for free if you sign up for next season – talk to your local club to see what they offer.

There are some downsides to keep in mind: less daylight means less hours in a day to play and cooler temps at night can lead to frost delays in the mornings. Make sure you call ahead if you have an early morning time.

By Shana Kelly of Kelly’s Glen Golf Learning Centre

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