Springing Forward Design Trends for 2021

“In the spring,
At the end of the day,
You should smell like dirt.”
– Margaret Atwood

Winter begins to give way to spring, and hope abounds. No other season can match its optimism and energy. We become buoyant with new ideas, creativity and high hopes for the summer which hovers just beyond. Never has there been a year with more focus on hope than 2021.

Chances are we have spent a lot of time in our individual spaces and from this has emerged new trends, habits and lifestyles. Here is an overview of what we can anticipate when it comes to home and cottage interior design:


Cottagecore is not a new aesthetic, however it has become popularized over the past year, offering a sense of escapism and a respite from the hustle and intensity of our overstimulated environment. 

Why is it so popular? Because the things and activities associated with it take your mind off negative distractions and stressors. Whether growing a window-ledge herb garden, taking up a craft or sourcing vintage-inspired thrifted furniture, cottagecore is eco-friendly, sustainable and secure. Think antique teapots, muted chintz patterns, a layered mix of old and new, bashed and chipped furniture and crochet cushion covers. 

Cottagecore moves away from minimalism and towards curated collections to make your space warm and inviting. If you already enjoy an eclectic style, you probably have notes of cottagecore in your design; consider layering in a lace tablecloth, patterned wallpaper, floral dinnerware and botanical motifs. 

Natural and Organic

Certified sustainable means people are buying furniture and accessories they can believe in. The natural approach means everything has a cohesive and unifying tone. Layering fabrics and textures like jute and wool create interest and fullness in a room. Bringing in wood, greenery and photographs of earthly elements are ways of reconnecting with the earth.

Color Combination

To continue the theme of natural and organic, earth tones will play an important part in home palettes.  Serene hues with bursts of color create warming and optimistic combinations. Eye-catching colors will be popular for accenting front doors, shutters and pieces that inject color into outdoor living and satisfying a desire for warmth and comfort, with contrasting colors nodding to a brighter future. 


Here comes flora. From hanging planters to miniatures, plant collections all over the world have grown, fulfilling our desire to nurture and care. Plant aficionados have created interesting and visual communities online providing a way for people to connect and share virtually. 

Renovations and Upgrades

Spending more time at home has caused us to turn a more critical eye to our interiors, and revisit those to-do lists filled with odd jobs, repairs and renovation ideas. Home design is seeing a major shift as we take refuge in the one place we truly feel the safest. 

Multi-functional Spaces: People are willing to invest in their spaces; whether to create home office zones or workout areas, it’s really all about having a multifunctional home. The demand has increased for spaces to look good while being functional and accommodating for all family members. 

Outdoor Sprawl: The prioritization of outdoor spaces has allowed people to maximize and increase personal space. Gardening and landscaping projects have become front and center. Purchases of new patio furniture and even pools have increased as people look for more ways to enjoy life and family time outdoors. 

Quality: People are investing in quality pieces and craftsmanship to break out of the same old routine. Our spaces are seeing increased use, and durable and long-lasting furnishing solutions are most ideal. From furniture to art, people are investing in their interiors like never before. Splurging when it comes to classic pieces is always worth it and brings a sense of enjoyment over the long term. 

We have continued to lean towards a simple and collected life, moving towards more purposeful and authentic living in a time of uncertainty. Spring reminds us that new life is possible and provides an awakening for our senses. At the end of the day, there really is no place like home.

By Joanne Clark
Photo Credit The Old Tin Shed