Sock Bunny

I don’t know about you, but it seems no matter how many socks we have in our family, there are always more unmatched socks than pairs; in fact, sometimes we just dig into the basket and pull out two of the same size and wear them just like that. 

Over the years, we’ve been pretty creative with how to manage the overflow of odd socks kicking around. We’ve tried them out as dust rags (although they do a pretty great job, they almost always get mixed into the odd-sock pile again), we’ve tried wearing them mismatched, and we’ve tried hanging them on a sock-line while they’re still single and looking for a mate. Ultimately, we just end up tossing them out like the useless little devils they are, which hurts my earth-loving soul. 

Occasionally, a cool little craft like this one comes along for that one special odd sock who needs a forever home. You can make one too! If you can, use an odd sock like we did, a clean one, of course, and soon enough, you’ll have a hoppy little bunny of your own instead of a random sock. 

You’ll Need: 

1 cup or so of dried grain (like rice!) 

A marker 

Rubber Bands 


One clean, random sock

A glass or plastic cup 

Cotton ball or pompom (optional) 

1) The toe of your sock will become a set of ears, so snip them down to the desired length. 

2) Reach into the sock through the hole you’ve just cut in the toe and close the other end of the sock with a rubber band. 

3) Put your sock in a cup and fold the ears over the edge to secure. Pour your grain in. 

4) Shape the neck of your bunny with another band, giving it a smaller head than body. 

5) Use a rubber band to tie the top of the head closed before the ears. 

6) Use a small rubber band to shape a small tail, or glue your cotton ball or pompom on its bottom 7) Add a cute little face and tie a bow around its neck or even at the base of its ears, and give your bunny a name. 

Ideas for your sock bunnies: 

Make a sock bunny family 

Make large ones with large socks, and baby ones with baby socks 

Leave them at your neighbour’s doorstep as a gift 

Use them the decorate your table for spring or add them to a spring wreath 

Use one to decorate the top of a special gift.

Jacquelyn Toupin and her partner Tyler live with their family on a farm that’s been in her family for four generations. You can read about their adventures on her blog, Makin Hays at and @raisinghay on Instagram