Soak Away Winter

Welcome to winter in Cottage Country – the dock is put away, the toys are all stored in their winter spaces and you have raked, trimmed and repaired in preparation for the snow to fly. Now is the time to take a break and soak away all the hard work – and the aches and pains that go with it – as you gaze out at the lake in a luxurious hot tub. It’s so peaceful, serene and relaxing – watch the snow glisten on the lake, hear the crackling of the ice, breathe in the cool winter air and let all the stress melt away in a ROTOSPA Hot tub.

Leaders in their market, ROTOSPA is a plug-in-and-go hot tub made in Lakefield, Canada; every tub is built with care and attention to detail. Many large, expensive tubs need a dedicated electrical circuit and a cement pad poured to sustain their weight. Not ROTOSPA! Their hot tubs are completely portable – easily transport it from the cottage to home and take the fun and relaxation with you. No need to re-wire, all you need is a 110v household plug, and you’re set. Keep in mind though, if you have a 240v hookup available and you would like the tub to be a more permanent addition, all ROTOSPA hot tubs can be hardwired as well.

Portability and simplicity do not mean sacrifice, though. ROTOSPA hot tubs have features not found on other hot tubs in its price range. Fully insulated and sealed, a ROTOSPA tub is extremely economical to operate, and affordable to bring home.

The team at ROTOSPA is dedicated to creating top-notch customer-first service. They want to provide you with a superior hot tub spa, along with a price tag you can handle. They stand behind every tub they make, and are always determined to improve their product. Located in Lakefield, ROTOSPA has become a household name in Cottage Country, the product quality speaks for itself, and the word of mouth is that once you have a ROTOSPA tub, you won’t go back to another brand!

Designed with you in mind, your ROTOSPA hot tub will quickly become a family favourite. Entertain friends, relax as a couple or take some alone time to unwind after a busy day. Let the twenty strategically placed powerful jets massage, relax and heal your body, mind and spirit.

ROTOSPA Hot Tubs, 1-877 ROTOSPA (768-6772)

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