Sail the Trent-Severn in Peace

It’s morning in the Kawarthas. You inhale the fresh scent of pine trees as you stretch and get ready to greet the day. Everyone else on the boat is still asleep as you slip into the water for an early morning dip. The water is warm but refreshing, and your arms send cascades of ripples as you make your way across the mirror-like surface of the bay. Sound idyllic? It is. In fact, vacationers from around the world are discovering there’s only one way to experience Ontario’s naturally-spectacular Trent-Severn Waterway: by houseboat!

The Trent-Severn offers 386 kilometres of canal, connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Lake Huron at Port Severn. As you travel from lake to lake, you will pass through small historic towns – each diverse and so full of charm that your heart and spirit will fill with a warmth only Cottage Country has to offer. Beautifully maintained parks greet you at each lock and there are restaurants, bars, antique shops, bakeries, ice cream stores, shopping and spas to pique your interest. Each night you choose between staying in one of these charming towns or finding a quiet bay nearby to watch the stars.

Egan Houseboat Rentals is a small family-run business which operates from their marina in the heart of the Kawarthas – the most popular region on the Trent Severn Waterway. An Egan houseboat can accommodate one to three couples or one to two small families depending on the size of boat chosen (40′ or 32′). Book with a group of friends, or make it a memorable family retreat.

With the largest rental houseboat fleet in Ontario their smaller style houseboats are designed for the Trent Severn Waterway. Easy handling, maneuverability and stress-free operation make them an easy choice for a fun family getaway.

Houseboating combines the rewards of cottage living and the adventure of travel, allowing you to explore a different destination each day. With no need to plan accommodations each night your trip remains stress free and simple, permitting you the time to enjoy the scenery and fresh air as you tour in search of the perfect secluded bay for private relaxation and great fishing.

Close your eyes and imagine: warm sun on your face, birds chirping in the distance, a breeze rustles the nearby trees all while waves lap gently at your boat; as evening falls you hear a loon call in the distance – this is houseboating.

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