Ride With Us

“Staycation” has become a popular term over the last couple of years and it is evident to those of us who are in the trails business that this trend isn’t going away. In 2020 all off-road organizations have seen an incredible increase in the number of new people joining the sport. More and more people from the GTA are buying ATVs and dirt bikes and traveling north to seek out trails each weekend. As well, many people have moved to our area because of the recreational opportunities we have to offer. Local communities are enjoying the benefits of the trail tourism dollars and riders are enjoying what the communities have to offer them.

Here in the Kawarthas we have seen a significant increase in traffic on the trails, motorized and non-motorized, which is a wonderful sight during such difficult times. As all our trails are shared-use we see everything from walkers and cyclists to ATVs, dirt bikes and side-by-sides. We are seeing more and more families enjoying the trails together and that’s why Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA) moved forward with a plan in 2019 to start a dirt bike club called Kawartha Off Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA). We have fielded calls and emails over the years from people who have both ATVs and dirt bikes in the family, and they are looking for a place they can ride together. We saw this as an opportunity to bring them all together on our trails.  So far in 2020 it has been a great success. We are seeing many more dirt bike riders on the trails and the club has doubled in size in its first year. We are also a member club of the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders, so we see OFTR members visiting our area from all over Ontario.

ATVs and dirt bikes can share most of the trails in the KATVA trail system while still allowing some single track and ATV-only trails for some those who want them. There is a significant single-track trail system in the Somerville Forest near Kinmount for those who are looking for that. KATVA also owns some land in the 5 Points trail system and in 2019 we allowed the organizers of the Corduroy Enduro race to build some new trails on our property as part of their event. This year we are working on mapping and signing those trails so that we can open them to our members.

There is something here for everyone which is what makes the Kawartha Lakes so great.  If you have any questions about our trails, whether you are a cyclist, hiker or motorized user, please contact us at www.katva.ca and we would be happy to help you.

Kawartha ATV Association,
PO Box 21, Lindsay