Refurbishing Existing Boathouses

We are seeing an increasing demand to rebuild existing boathouses instead of tearing them down to replace. In some townships it can be impossible to get the necessary permits to build a new boathouse structure so cottagers and lakefront home owners are choosing to repair their existing boathouses. 

In many cases the existing structure was built on wooden cribs or concrete that has deteriorated over time. R & J Machine can design and fabricate a new engineered steel foundation which is supported on steel pilings. The pile-supported foundation allows more through-flow of water and has a much smaller footprint on the lake bottom. The existing boathouse is usually moved off the crib foundation, and the deteriorated cribs are removed to allow the installation of the new supporting piles.

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Using R&J Machine’s own barges and equipment, piles are either driven into the lake bottom with a large hydraulic hammer for areas with soft lake bottoms or, in areas where bedrock is close to the surface, a track-mounted rock drill is employed to drill the piles into sound bedrock. Once the pilings are in place, an engineered steel foundation is welded on the piles to support the boathouse structure.

The same process can be used for a new boathouse foundation. R&J Machine will fabricate the foundation, install overhead support beams and install a Wet Slip Boat Lift if desired. From this point your local contractor can build the boathouse structure off the new foundation.

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