Reenie Brydon Photography

“Letting your personal love story shine through”

Reenie O’Neill, of Reenie Brydon Photography, knows you work hard on every aspect of your wedding day, and her goal is to ensure every detail is showcased by helping you create a moment and capturing it perfectly. 

By working to make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, she creates an atmosphere of fun and intimacy. “I love interacting with couples, and letting their personal love story shine through,” she explains, adding “I believe the emotions of the couple shine through my work.”

Reenie enjoys capturing moments that few get to see, and when it comes to the engagement photo sessions, she told us “It allows the couple to feel comfortable together in front of the camera. It is also an exciting pre-wedding activity in a stress-free environment which shuts out the rest of the world and allows them to focus on their unique bond.”

Her favourite moment of any wedding is the time set aside for the couple to have photos taken of just the two of them. It allows them to take a moment together that isn’t rushed, when Reenie can get the raw emotion and spontaneity of two people embracing their shared love and the beginning of their life together.

Reenie has been known to go to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot; it is not unusual for her to climb, get on the ground or squeeze into a small space to capture a different perspective.

Located in the Kawartha Lakes, Reenie Brydon Photography provides reliable, affordable and professional photography services. You will find wedding packages to best suit your needs, and Reenie will work with you to ensure your engagement session and wedding day is everything you dreamed of, and more.

Find her online at or email directly at and let Reenie capture your special moment.