Reclaimed Wood Ideas that You Can DIY

With a wide variety of reclaimed wood available in all sizes, grains and colors it isn’t hard to see why it has become a trend that fits right in at the cottage. Reclaimed wood can be sourced from an assortment of places, and in items such as pallets, old flooring, and shiplap or barn board. There is always some for sale somewhere, you just need to find it – finding a consistent supply can be tricky. I have had luck with companies that recover items prior to demolishing old buildings or barns. Pallets are around everywhere and with a little elbow grease they can develop a personality of their own.

With these one of a kind pieces you can create so many things. It’s all about imagination, so start to think of features or accents that you’ve been dreaming to recreate.  I’ve seen so many beautiful projects over the years, and I find it so inspiring to see how much wood is still loved enough to revive an old piece for a new use. Some wood looks better if left untouched where as others hide their character under the surface, much like people.

Feature walls or ceilings are very popular. With a saw, some adhesive, nails, a level and a tape measure, it becomes a very achievable DIY goal.

Cut, glue and nail your first row, repeat with additional rows making sure to always check for level; or design a specific pattern or shape. As you go, check the rows and keep them the same distance from the ceilings and walls for a good sightline.  The results will change the room completely, making it a unique reflection of you.

Here are a few more ideas to get your imagination flowing:

– A kitchen island, faux beams, firewood boxes, book shelves, coat hangers, benches, picture frames, shutters, window trims or even a headboard. The possibilities really are endless! 

Wood itself is so versatile, and by using a reclaimed piece, you are preserving its aged beauty – while adding a bit of your own.

Happy Creating!

Resident DIY Guru; Dave Linkert, Port 32 Marshall Homes, Bobcaygeon