Ready,Set, Eat!

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to setting a cottage table for entertaining friends and family!

Add a dose of whimsy, an edge of rustic or trim with formal and you have an interesting and memorable tablescape. The cottage setting conjures up

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a relaxed and carefree feeling, this is where the creative inspiration for setting a table can really take hold. Anything can take centre stage when you look around at what you have within your own cottage environment. From place setting name tags imprinted on rocks to small bouquets of wildflowers, setting a cottage table can be inexpensive, inclusive and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Consider supporting local artists by investing in unique linen napkins and textiles which are hand-painted and hand-made. These offer up an interesting story and can be matched with more rustic accessories like pine cones, antlers, wooden candlesticks and pretty tealight holders.

Home stores generally have an assortment of themed napkins at reasonable price points – stock up on these to use as a starting point for your color scheme or theme. Nautical prints and patterns are easy to find, along with forest and animal inspired imagery. Starting with the napkin allows you to further consider other handy accessories which can be layered into your tablescape.

Mixing textures and shades like stone, greenery and muted colors will evoke a soft and approachable ambiance that keeps your dinner setting relaxed long into the night. Guests will appreciate the effort and everyone of all ages can participate by hunting and gathering items for the table theme.

Try impactful and unexpected designs and patterns to keep your table setting whimsical. Incorporating something you don’t see every day is a way to create a dining experience your guests will remember long after the weekend has passed.

Traditional and expected patterns are an easy way to take the guesswork out of setting a cottage table. Having a few “go to” accessories and items on hand allows you to set a table easily and effortlessly when an unexpected dinner spontaneously takes place. Knowing you can grab a few familiar pieces and still offer up optimal impact is a smart way to still make guests feel welcome.

By Joanne Clark

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