Raising Country Kids

Thoughts of living ‘in the country’ often conjure images of total isolation, being forced to travel long distances to find even so much as a grocery store, let alone a large department store.

Our ‘Cottage Country’, defined as the area in which we distribute our magazine, is the stunning region extending from Peterborough up to Haliburton, and from Campbellford across to Fenelon Falls. Each community within that area is within a reasonable distance of bigger cities, which means minimal travel time, and scenic drives.With many communities available to call home – from cities and larger towns to tiny hamlets and small townships – you have the freedom to enjoy as much, or as little, of the country lifestyle as you wish. We truly do have the best of both worlds.

Parents may choose from Public, Catholic, or French School Boards, and for further education, the prestigious Trent University and the highly respected Sir Sandford Fleming College.

The City of Peterborough boasts many conveniences, a thriving downtown, a lively entertainment district, and beautiful walking trails. Imagine leaving work in the city centre at 5pm and being on the water kayaking by 5:30pm. Where else can you leave the city centre and, literally within minutes, be surrounded by nature?

With excellent indoor fitness and recreational facilities you can stay active; Peterborough is home to the YMCA and the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, as well as many beautiful parks and beaches.

Looking for Summer Camp? The award-winning Summer Discovery Day Camp program, hosted by the Peterborough Museum, offers week-long themed camps for kids aged 7–11. The Museum also hosts the Junior Discovery program, for 4-6 year-olds.

Only 30 minutes away, on beautiful Clear Lake, is award-winning Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre, offering camps for kids in kindergarten all the way up to leadership camps for teenagers with both day camps and overnight camps. Camp Kawartha Environment Centre, housed in one of Canada’s most sustainable buildings, located on Trent University’s wildlife sanctuary lands, also offers day camps and class trips, too.

Locals and visitors alike are spoiled with year-round festivals, concerts, museums, theatres and art festivals. Farmers markets, bistros, bakeries, cinemas, art galleries and theatres are also a loved, local pastime. Outdoor enthusiasts revel in camping, boating, fishing, golfing or simply exploring nature in the beautiful countryside.

With striking green space, and access to a culturally diverse community, rich in both arts, entertainment, and adventure, Cottage Country truly has something for kids (and adults) of all ages, whether you are a city-lover or a nature-lover – or somewhere in between.

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