Protect Your Watercraft Investment

A new boat can be a big investment, something you would normally insure. But consider another type of insurance for your investment as well; the insurance which comes with assurances, like longer lifetime protection from the elements and even theft. A boat lift does all of that.

Rough waters and storms can really do a number on your vessel; banging against the dock and causing it to take on water in a harsh wind can damage your boat, and strong waves can wear and break your tie downs. There is nothing worse then having your boat sink at the dock – or float away. And think about the damage to your boat’s gelcoat. With a boat lift you can avoid having your boat in the water when the storm hits, which means no bumps and bruises for your hull.

Boat lifts are also a good theft deterrent. When your boat is stored on a lift you are able to chain the boat to the lift, or cut the power to an electric winch so that the boat cannot be lowered. This offers great peace of mind if your boat is being left at a cottage for weekend and holiday use.

If you are thinking about a new boat and you already have a boat lift, ensure that the new boat fits the weight capacity and width of the lift – you may need to adjust or change the bunks to accommodate the new boats dimensions. You also need to consider where you are parking your boat – will a new boat draft more water? If the new boat sits deeper in the water, you’ll need to make sure you have the same minimum water depth to operate the lift properly.

Adding a cover to a new or existing boat lift is also added value. A cover protects the boat from harmful UV rays and water damage – and you are able to leave the boat cover off more frequently. Your boat will be dry when you want to use it, with no cracked and faded seats.

R & J Machine wants to help you install the perfect boat lift or cover to suit your needs. They have been providing cottage country with quality waterfront products for over 45 years and are knowledgeable experts in their industry. With lifts available for everything from small PWC’s or a little tin boat to something larger – up to an 8000lb capacity – there is definitely one to suit your waterfront and give you peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected.

R&J Machine