Planning for the Future

As your family dynamic changes, so sometimes do your boat lift needs. Where once you needed a smaller boat for fishing, as the family grows – so does your boat!

R&J Machine has been manufacturing waterfront products for homes and cottages for over 45 years. Every year the demand changes – different boat trends change, from small bowriders and wakeboard boats to leisure and sport pontoon boats, so the lift designs are constantly changing to accommodate the different hull designs and specifications.

When purchasing a new lift, think about what your future boating trends may be. Can you see yourself upsizing in the future, going from a wakeboard boat to a pontoon boat? By planning ahead, you can reduce the need to have to keep buying a new lift every time you upgrade your boat.

If your current lift is wide enough and has a large enough capacity, you can switch out your standard bunks to a raised bunk if your new boat has a lower driveshaft or skeg. You can switch out your bunks to pontoon bunks or add a centre Tritoon bunk. Consider a set of side guides or an electric winch to make operating the lift in rough conditions easier. What about adding a canopy to your lift to protect your boat from harmful UV rays or rain showers?

Thinking about buying a new lift to protect your boat or upgrading your existing one? Why not deal directly with the manufacturer by visiting They service what they sell, and you will be supporting a local business.

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