Peterborough Chamber

130 years ago, on March 21, 1889, 33 businessmen signed the paper to form the Board of Trade of the Town of Peterborough, under the federal Boards of Trade Act.   While some of the language is archaic, 

“It is no disparagement to say that in grasp of idea and debating power the Board of that day was the finest we have. One real good resulted and it is possible that herewith lies a real and one of the best functions of such a body, that such propositions as came to the town for the establishments of industries would be sifted and analyzed and the bona fides pretty well determined before action was taken. In many cases the attitude of the Board was, wisely, to stand between the irresponsible promoter and a too impulsive Council anxious  to push the town ahead, to gather in industries and willing to trust to the future and see that things worked out right.”

130 years later it seems we are still in the business of strengthening the community by making sure that things work out right.

The Peterborough economy has certainly evolved, from sawmills and settlement, to smokestacks and manufacturing, to today, where the main pillars of the local economy include agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, the public sector, and a burgeoning entrepreneurial sector – young people who are creating things, making things, disrupting, and generally doing what business people have done forever, trying to compete.

The future looks bright, as Peterborough maps out a strategy designed to capitalize on our existing and emerging strengths.

Photo: Chamber Policy Analyst Sandra Dueck – Making sure things “work out right.”