Outdoor Living: Building Connections with Nature and Each Other

Connections are what life is really about. Our desire to connect with nature inspires us to slip off our shoes, bury our toes in the grass and turn our faces toward the sun. In these moments we become grounded. We are rooted. We find renewal. 

We find our balance in nature and our sense of belonging in each other. Outdoor living provides special opportunities to enjoy our loved ones in the beautiful setting of our natural world. Backyard BBQs and twilight dinners are a few of our favourite ways to entertain. We love the quiet morning coffees and the afternoon teas that we serve in our sunrooms. The time we share in our outdoor living spaces provides us with the perfect opportunity to enjoy meaningful conversations and good food with no interruptions from pesky bugs. 

Adding a Sunspace sunroom or enclosing a porch with WeatherMaster windows will increase your property value and add square footage for bug-free entertaining, but the deeper value of your new sunroom will be that it very quickly becomes everyone’s favourite room in your home or cottage. This perfect setting welcomes us to slow down and enjoy the simple and most cherished things in life.

Looking to build your own outdoor living space? Nortech offers prefab Sunrooms by Sunspace that can be easily added to your home or cottage. 

Looking to convert an existing room? WeatherMaster Windows and Doors by Sunspace are highly customizable and are able to be adapted to transform an existing porch, boat house, gazebo or deck into a sheltered bug free outdoor room. 

Building a sunroom at your property? These window systems can run from floor to ceiling and span over 30ft wide per opening. The track windows slide down into each other allowing three-quarters of the wall to be open to the air with integrated screens to keep the bugs out without blocking the breeze or view. Nortech can provide professional installation, or if you are looking for a DIY project, or are working with your own contractor, we will be happy to supply this product to you.

Nortech Windows. Doors. Sunrooms in Bobcaygeon will happily help you design your new outdoor living space. Drop by and be inspired by our onsite displays. We carry Sunspace Sunrooms and WeatherMaster Windows and Doors that open for 75% bug free screen ventilation and then conveniently close to keep out adverse weather. Nortech can easily transform your existing deck, gazebo, boathouse, or porch into your new favourite room. Let’s connect.

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