Ontario Snowmobile Trails

It’s that time of year again, summer is now a memory, fall has come and gone, and winter is upon us. So, what are you going to do with yourself for the next few months ‘til spring? 

Why limit your cottage time to three seasons when you can experience excitement and adventure on more than 30,000 kilometers of Ontario Snowmobile Trails across Ontario. With an abundance of snow and consistent winters, Central Ontario is the perfect place to experience groomed trails; enjoying Mother Nature at her best, while seeing sights only accessible by snowmobile.

Snowmobiling is a family-friendly sport that can be enjoyed by men and women, young or old, experienced or novice riders. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom and exhilaration as you cruise down your favorite trail, heading out on your next snowmobiling adventure with family and friends alongside. Snowmobiling gives you access to places you would normally not be able to travel any other time of the year. No matter where you go, every ride is a new adventure bringing you closer to nature and wildlife, permitting views of pristine winter landscapes and providing a thrill like no other.

The Central Eastern Area Snowmobile Region (CEASR) consists of seven Snowmobile Clubs including; Havelock District, Buckhorn District, Mazinaw Powerline, Old Hastings Sno Riders, Paudash Trail Blazers, Stoney Lake Sno Riders and Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club. Our volunteers work year-round to provide you with more than 1500 km of groomed trails from the Kawarthas through Bancroft and over to Mazinaw Country. Our season typically runs from late December through to late March; and last season CEASR had the first available trails for riders to enjoy. 

The CEASR trail network leads into most local communities and allows access to fuel, food and lodging for riders out for a daytrip or saddle-bagging on a multi-day run. The trails are well signed and easy to navigate. Looking to plan a ride? You can access the online Interactive Trails guide (ITG) available at ofsc.on.ca and for the mobile crowd, the Go Snowmobiling Ontario app can be purchased for Apple and Android devices. No matter what you choose, both are user friendly, allowing you to check trail availability and plan your route including stops for fuel, food or lodging. To access OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trails, visit ofsc.on.ca today and get your 2020 Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit.

If you are new to snowmobiling or have been considering getting back on the trails after a few years’ absence, your best bet for an enjoyable experience is to hook up with some seasoned riders who can introduce you to the trails, and guide you for a few trips. Contact your local Snowmobile Club and ask about joining a ride or about any upcoming events. You won’t be disappointed – Ontario snowmobilers are a welcoming, friendly bunch, enthusiastic about sharing the best winter has to offer with new riders. 

Our region has so much to offer with diverse terrain and scenery, trails will take you on an adventure over abandoned rail corridors, forest access roads, woodland trails as well as staked lake trails. 

The possibilities are as endless as your enthusiasm to ride, from short family daytrips to longer full or multi-day rides. All this is available from your cottage or nearby staging area, so what are you waiting for? Get out this winter and discover our beautiful region from a whole new perspective when you Go Snowmobiling Ontario!

Central Eastern Area  Snowmobile Region
info@district2ofsc.ca • 1-613-478-5916

Buckhorn District S/C
bdscinfo@gmail.com • 1-705-657-7373

Havelock District S/C
1-613-849-8847 • info@hdsa.ca

Mazinaw Powerline S/C
info@mazinawpowerline.ca • 1-613-336-2360

Old Hastings Snow Riders
info@bancroftoldhastings.com • 1-613-334-0755

Paudash Trail Blazers S/C

Stoney Lake Sno Riders S/C
mail@stoneylakesnoriders.ca • 705-313-1298

Twin Mountains S/C
marlar@izoom.net • 705-738-9572