New Life in The Old Tin Shed

The Old Tin Shed has been a staple of the Bancroft community for the past 17 years and on June 1, 2019 the store opened its doors with new owners.

Kathryn & Geoffrey Webber have always dreamed of being business owners, and have been shopping at The Old Tin Shed with their family for years. Together they have 4 grown kids, and when they found themselves with the opportunity to purchase the church–turned tourist destination, they decided it was the chance of a lifetime. They sold everything, and moved out of the city to pursue entrepreneurship. 

Kathryn says they are thrilled with the change of pace in their lives, both having come from fast-paced corporate jobs, and that this new endeavour and way of life in the north has had rejuvenating results – Geoffrey says he feels 10 years younger! 

The Old Tin Shed employs a creative team who have stayed with the store through its transition, and who are well suited to help you choose the best products to suit your style. Kathryn says they are the type of business owners who believe in leading by example, and believe that a collaborative environment – where each person’s strengths and efforts are appreciated, is a recipe for success, along with providing “customer first” service.

Together they steer the ship with Kathryn’s creative talent and background in design and marketing, and Geoffrey’s IT and communications experience; they split the tasks easily, and have a lot of fun working side by side. They also work together to create gorgeous upcycled statement pieces and live a make-and-sell lifestyle, which means each of their creations come with its own unique personal touches.

The Old Tin Shed will remain the same landmark shopping destination in keeping with the original character of the shop, but with a few minor changes. Kathryn has a goal to curate a shop suitable for every shopper, and she works hard to fill the shelves with a selection of handmade, vintage/antique, upcycled and rustic ‘cottage chic’ finds. They want their clientele to feel like they have been inspired, or just come in and ‘Zen out’ while perusing. The Old Tin Shed will encompass Kathryn’s design aesthetic with more colour, a fresher, brighter selection for every generation, along with one-of-a-kind finds for every budget. The classic cathedral windows have been opened to let in more light, and the store is filling for the holiday season.

You will find a fully-stocked iron section with hooks, knobs and hinges for every DIY project, and a great selection of metal signs, lighting and décor, clothing, jewellery, giftware and everything in between. Locally sourced products line the shelves, and they are conscious of bringing in ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, sustainable products. The Old Tin Shed is simply a must-stop when in Cottage Country, especially when checking off your Christmas list.

Kathryn is what Geoffrey refers to as a “Christmas-aholic”, she just can’t get enough of the holiday season! As her kids were growing Kathryn would always crank up the tune ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ as the first snowflakes of the season fell. To this day – even though her kids are grown and away from the nest – she calls them to celebrate, playing the classic song over the phone to them. With the holidays being such a favourite, Kathryn has big plans for the iconic church building! You can expect to see the store as an enchanted Christmas wonderland by mid-November; take home some of the magic when you come to see the fully decorated store. The Santa Claus Parade will go right by the door on December 7th, so come and watch the festive parade with them! 

The basement of the classic building is currently under renovation to become a studio space which will invite creative guests in to experience open mic/jam sessions, artistic gatherings, workshops, classes, book clubs and more.  Stay tuned for early 2020 as they unveil this new addition to the community of Bancroft. 

For more information, contact Kathryn & Geoffrey Webber – The Old Tin Shed