Navigating the World of Immune Herbs

With more people finding their way back to ancestral medicine, the medicine of the Earth, there is wisdom in learning some of the basics. Understanding how herbs like Echinacea and Reishi work in the body will allow you to get the most of your herbal medicines. 

As always, please consult your health practitioner of choice prior to introducing new medicines into your life.

There are two families of immune supportive herbs, each having a different protocol for use and end-goal in mind. The first are known as immune stimulants and are likely the most well-known group of plant allies. These include herbs such as elderberries, oregano and Echinacea. These botanicals are meant to be used over short periods of time to help give the immune system a boost. Most frequently utilized when we are ill, these herbs will help strengthen the immune system temporarily to help your body fight whatever pathogen you are dealing with. 

The second family of herbs I want to introduce you to are immune tonics. These plants, such as medicinal mushrooms and botanicals known as adaptogens, help to gradually strengthen and tone the immune system. Designed to be taken over longer periods of time, these herbs can help to improve your overall stress response and vitality. 

Both families of immune herbs provide beautiful medicine, yet must be used appropriately to ensure you get the results you are hoping for. 

Correne Omland 

Clinical Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner

Spiraea Herbal Clinic + Apothecary