My Favourite Room

Porches and sunrooms are exciting projects for Nortech! We enjoy installing what will soon become your family’s favourite room where you will welcome your friends to make memories that last a lifetime.

A porch is a special gathering place for chatting and sharing laughter. It draws families together around board games, decks of cards, and meals you can share in the fresh air with loved ones lounging on couches, and sprawling in a jumble of blankets on the floor. It is a place of meandering conversations, scaling from big decisions about which college to attend, to small bantering discussions like whose turn it is to wash the dishes. It also serves as a private sanctuary, where you can rest and dream with a book in hand, and the beauty of the natural world all around you.

Are you hoping to entertain guests in your own outdoor space? Summer will bring sounds of thumping suitcases and exclamations of delight as loved ones are ushered in. Small children are special guests. Their squeals of delight fill the air as sopping wet swimmers dash through, leaving puddle footprints in their wake. Our beloved pets have their own places in our sunrooms as well, as they find their favourite spots on a comfy mat at our feet, or sunny perches on the window sill.

As summer beckons, we all feel the tug to venture outside. Are you looking to create your own outdoor living space by adding a sunroom to your property? Nortech can help.  A prefab-modular Sunspace sunroom allows you to increase your entertainment space, enjoying nature without the expense of a full-blown renovation. It is the perfect stress-free addition to all homes and cottages. 

If swatting mosquitos is growing tiresome, and you are thinking of enclosing your porch, Nortech has the solution.  Nortech’s WeatherMaster By Sunspace window and door system opens to 75% screen ventilation and closes for 100% weather protection. By adding WeatherMaster windows to your space, you can enjoy comfortable outdoor living without toxic insect repellants. Without bugs or bees to interrupt, you can simply enjoy an evening meal or conversation in peace.

Whether you are renovating an existing porch or sunroom, or planning to create a new outdoor living space, we can design a cozy, functional and affordable room for you. Your sunroom or enclosed porch brings much more than light and air – It brings loved ones and the rejuvenation of nature. It is a place where memories are made and tales are told, where friends are welcomed and bugs are banned.

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