Mother Nature’s Medicine

With the world changing daily before our eyes the future seems to be like a stained body of water; muddy, murky and very unclear. Those are the types of fishing conditions can wear down even the most experienced anglers, and often prove to be some of the toughest we face. 

Like many people, I have found myself wrapped up in the negativity of it all, trying to find any positive on this untraveled path. Homeschooling two children and trying to find ways to keep them busy and occupied is proving to be challenging, to say the least. During these tough times I have found solace and healing through doing the things I love the most; enjoying time spent with my children, pets and, of course, fishing. 

It may not look like any other fishing season I have ever faced and yet I try to remain a glass-half-full kind of person; believing this tourism season will not be a total loss for everyone who relies on this seasonal business, and hoping to get back to guiding and tournament fishing ASAP. Everyone is trying to find out what all that may look like, and figuring out innovative ways to overcome some of the obvious obstacles this will present. 

Although the boat launches have been closed for most of the spring, and anglers and cottagers alike have had their boats in an extended state of hibernation after a longer than usual off season, there are signs of positivity that this will gradually get back to some state of normality soon.

In the meantime, try to take this opportunity to realize the many positives we enjoy being Canadians and living in these beautiful areas known as Cottage Country.  Spend as much time as you can outdoors reconnecting with Mother Nature, learn some new survival skills, teach our young people to respect, savour and appreciate all that we are lucky She provides. Or simply get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air, exercise, re-connect and get back to the basics of life. 

Whenever in my life I have felt down, not myself or facing uncertainty, I have turned to Her medicine and it never fails to uplift my spirits and regenerate my soul. She does it for me, I know She can do the same for you.

Stay safe, stay positive and keep on fishing.

By Mike Williams, Pro Angler & Owner of Williams Outfitters in Curve Lake First Nation