Mary’s Wedding – And a Soldier’s Horse

The ominous sky, with sun peeking through the clouds; an ideal setting to create the poetic dreamlike memory of a lover lost in war, his horse and the woman he loved. 

Inukshuk Farm is a place that welcomes new challenges, and we had just that last weekend!  Our farm was honoured to welcome Mary Young Leckie, producer, Kent Staines, Director, and Cinematographer Glenn Warner to shoot a “trailer” for the play Mary’s Wedding, written by Stephen Massicotte and opening in Toronto January 2019.

Of course, there was preplanning for a suitable location on the farm as well as confirming our horse, Dexter, had the right look, presence, character and manners to cooperate during hours of filming.  And so it was, criteria was met and there I was walking across our field with  Fedora’s Mr. Redford (Dexter) slowing walking behind – I thought about the script and how fortunate we are to play a small part in remembering the WWI story; the soldiers along with their four-legged war comrades lost and their lovers left behind.  Just to think, our Dexter may help touch the hearts of many viewers as they watch this ‘trailer’ and feel compelled to see more as we approach the 100th Anniversary of  the end of World War 1 – 1918.   This story is a moving memorial to both the Great War and great love.

Dexter is not an experienced horse with cameras, directors, and actors but he rose to the occasion and connected quickly with Katie Ross (Mary) and Fraser Elsdon (Charlie).  We understand how charisma between actors is important, Dexter needed to have that connection too.   It happened quickly, as if he understood his sombre duty to give those watching a sense of a soldier and his horse.

At the end of the day and as darkness fell on Inukshuk Farm, “the sound of a single horse riding away into the distance” echoed in our ears with poetic imagination.

We encourage everyone to purchase tickets to see Mary’s Wedding an epic, unforgettable story of love, hope, and survival.  (647)341-7390

Submitted by Janice Ecclestone, Inukshuk Farm  



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