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Air quality. It is something we all know about, but do you think about it in terms of your indoor air quality at home? 

As builders and building products become more efficient our homes have become more airtight – great for your heating bill, but not so great for your health. Allergens and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are trapped in your home and they are doing you no favours as you breathe them in. VOCs are a large group of chemicals found in many products used to build and maintain our homes. Once these chemicals are in our homes, they are released or “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe.

Monaghan Lumber has been looking after clients and their renovation needs for many years and now invites you to think about changing out your old flooring for a greener, healthier option – hardwood. 

Many health professionals now recommend removing carpet – it traps mould, dust mites and unhealthy allergens which bring on nasty allergies and even asthma. Wood floors are a great alternative, with a long lifespan and with modern ethically sourced options available, they are healthier for you and the environment.

Ethical sourcing means products are made and manufactured using responsible and sustainable methods – like sustainable forests, where more trees are planted than are harvested. Many overseas companies are cutting corners and offering consumers substandard hardwood products at low pricing. We all know you want a good deal on that new floor – but make sure you ask all the questions about where it comes from, and how the wood is sourced; a reputable company will have the answers to these questions.

Many hardwood flooring companies are looking at greener initiatives with ethical sourcing and forest protection initiatives. They are also taking into consideration the quality of the finishes on your new hardwood floors and many are switching to products which are free of VOCs and formaldehyde.

“Trust and transparency go hand in hand, and our commitment to verified performance standards, authentic environmental declarations and ethical sourcing and manufacturing runs deep. By sharing information about our quality control process protocols, we invite you to make an informed decision.” – Metropolitan Hardwood Floors

Monahan Lumber deals with products you can trust to make your home a healthier place. Find brands like Lauzon Flooring, Kentwood Floors and CRAFT flooring who are all working hard to make a green imprint on the hardwood flooring industry by offering ethically sourced materials.

As we learn, we all become more conscientious consumers, and in doing so our population is prompting many companies to re-think their products and where they come from, as well as the longterm affects they have on our homes and environment. 

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