#LoveLocalPtbo Helps Peterborough Businesses

You can’t turn around without hearing a “buy local” message these days; or in the case of the Chamber of Commerce, #LoveLocalPtbo. There is a good reason for it. This pandemic has been unfairly harsh on small local companies, and the more we can do to support them, the better. 

Top 10 positive effects of “Buy Local”:

1. Discover interesting things and people: one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants are part of what makes our community a great place to live.

2. Support for not-for-profits: support local business owners, who in turn provide significant support for not-for-profits and charities.

3. Reduce environmental impact: by shopping locally, you are contributing to less pollution, traffic congestion, habitat loss and resource depletion.

4. Personal connection: getting to know the store owners and employees is a great reason to shop local. 

5. Make a personal investment in the community: when you shop locally, you are making a personal investment. 

6. Support future growth: shopping locally is the best way to show pride in your community and help protect the businesses that make our City and County unique.

7. Keep money local: local businesses are more likely to shop with other local businesses, keeping money in our local economy longer.

8. Local businesses invest in our community: local businesses are owned by people who live in this community. They are less likely to leave and are more invested in the        community’s welfare and future.

9. Competition and diversity lead to more consumer choices: local competition and diversity lead to more product choices for customers.

10. Locally-made products: when you shop at local businesses, you are likely getting something unique and exclusive!

By Stuart Harrison, President & CEO of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce