Kids Corner: Snow Paint

Sparkles; that one word causes enormous joy in most kids. Add the word paint, and the fact that this is a super-fast craft to prepare, and it’s a win.

To make this beautiful fluffy snow paint you will need 3 ingredients: white glue, shaving cream (the white fluffy stuff; I like unscented), and glitter or sparkles. I was able to get all of these things at our local dollar store. I chose white sparkles to go along with the snow theme, but any colour of sparkle would be fun.

Mix equal parts shaving cream and white glue in a mixing bowl, once completely blended add the sparkles and mix some more. Sometimes the glue works best if you chill it in the fridge first. You want the mixture to stay like a fluffy cloud rather than runny. If in doubt add more shaving cream.

Use a large paintbrush to create your snowy pictures on a dark coloured paper. Through our trials I did find that using normal construction paper got a little soggy, so perhaps think about doubling up your papers, or use a heavier cardstock. Leave to dry for at least a day, sometimes more, due to the consistency of the fluffy paint it can take a while to set and dry completely. Once dry, the paint has a soft squishy consistency and sits up off the page.

Emily Ireland