Keeping Your Home Organized

Keeping your home organized can be a very taxing job.  A lot of people have more stuff than they know what to do with, much less where to put that stuff.  Here are a few simple tips for getting your home organized and keeping it that way.

First, make sure that everything you have is actually worth having.  We often keep things that aren’t necessary to have in the house, and that’s what causes the clutter.  Now, all of those meaningful, sentimental items are not what I’m talking about here.  Those are important things to keep, but anything that you have “just in case” that you haven’t used in three years or more, has to go.


Next, make sure you only worry about one room at a time – it will be easier to work your way through the house. If you try to do the whole house at once, you will be moving things from room to room which will take much longer – and there may be even more clutter in some places than there was before. Once you have found a place for everything, make sure that those things stay in their place, or get put back in their place after using them. 


Finally, have a document station. Keep an accordion file folder with pockets labeled for members of the household, bills, and mail. Another key part of this document station is to purge it weekly so that it does not get disorganized and overstuffed.  This can really help avoid having way too many papers lying around the house and it will help you from accidentally throwing out important papers mixed in with the clutter. 


Keeping your home organized can be very difficult, especially because our lives are very busy.  But once you have a system for keeping your house in check, it is much easier to get organized and stay that way.