Keeping Your Hilltop View When Accessibility is an Issue

In today’s market buying a cottage is not quite as easy as it might have been in the past. Seasonal vacation properties come with large price tags now. When you think about cottage properties, your mind automatically pictures a sunny waterfront with your family enjoying the warm sun and the shining lake. When many people see cottages perched atop a hill, they don’t like the idea of the hike up and down to the water and they can’t fathom the idea of carrying everything up the rocky hill-face every trip to the cottage. But cottage properties atop a hill are usually less expensive, so you can think beyond stairs and add a lift!

Worried about how a lift will look? Inclined Elevation knows you head to the cottage to enjoy being surrounded by nature. The track support structures of their lift have a footprint of only 1 to 8 square feet for each 20’ section of track; far less than stairs separated with multiple landings. The track also lets enough light through to support the growth of the vegetation underneath, keeping the natural look of your property. This is especially important on sandy hillsides where vegetation is essential to the stability of the slope.


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A lift has the ability to add instant value to your hillside property, by allowing easy access to the water, dockside entertaining and living becomes easy; transforming your cottage experience. Think panoramic views, cooling breezes and greater privacy; “With the lift, all the disadvantages of living high off the water become the advantages of living high off the water.” – Owner Lift 48

Steep climbs and many stairs can limit how those with mobility or health issues can use their hillside properties. A lift can add years of enjoyment with easy, pleasant rides up and down the hillside. “You have to look into the future, it’s ok when you’re 45 to carry things, but as you get older and your knees and hips go, it means you can use the cottage longer.” – Owner Lift 17

Inclined Elevation Inc. is located in Bracebridge, Ontario, was founded in 2006 by Dr. John Weinstein, PhD. They offer beautifully integrated solutions, custom designed for your property, and installed with pride. With an experienced team, Inclined Elevation is dedicated to building the smartest, safest, most reliable and durable, smoothest running, most attractive lifts on the market.

Invest in value, invest in lifestyle, invest in a lift!

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