Kawartha Land Trust – Protect it before it’s gone

The momentum for conservation in the Kawarthas has continued to grow thanks to donors of land, money and time (volunteers) of Kawartha Land Trust (KLT).

KLT, the non-government charitable organization, announced the protection of five new properties in 2018.

The Cation Wildlife Preserve, the most recently protected, is a 668 acre piece of land in a conservation corridor near Coboconk. It sits right in the middle of several important protected areas including Balsam Lake, Indian Point, and Queen Elizabeth Wildlands Provincial Parks.

As soon as they saw it, David and Sharon Cation recognized the beauty of this unique piece of land, and anyone who visits the property agrees that this is a special place.

The landscape is vibrant and full of life.  A trail system passes through the grasslands and meadows which are filled with different butterflies and moths flying between the many wildflowers and milkweed plants. The air is filled with the songs of different grassland bird species including Eastern Towhees, American Goldfinches and Field Sparrows which forage through the shrubs and trees.

The water flows through this property into Balsam Lake, the highest point on the Trent Severn Waterway.

The Cations came to know KLT through the ‘Save Boyd Island Campaign.’ David has since volunteered on a number of properties, helping with trail cleanup and other stewardship activities. 

KLT now protects 17 properties including 4,101 acres of diverse and significant landscapes. KLT assists in the management of 5 additional properties including one owned by Trent Severn Waterway, Parks Canada (John Earle Chase Memorial Park) with shoreline on Pigeon Lake.

Nature is important and you can help protect it before it’s gone.
For trail maps, upcoming events, to make a donation or to learn more visit: www.kawarthalandtrust.org.

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