Just in time for the weekend – Summer Drink Daze

As summer ushers in dock parties, happy hours and other social distancing opportunities to finally connect with our social circles, it’s always fun to explore new creative drink ideas. I use the word “ideas” because it doesn’t always have to follow a set recipe. Using what we have readily available can often yield interesting new approaches to what we serve up to friends and family this summer. A random peach, a lone lemon, a one-off pear and suddenly one can often discover potential for mix and match drink ingredients.

Sangria Sunset
This is a classic favourite although my “idea” of this drink is loose direction based on your taste preference for sweet or tart. My preferred red base is any Argentinian Malbec to cut through the fruit flavours to lend a robust and hearty foundation. To that I add lemonade, orange juice, pineapple syrup from canned rings followed by freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice. Upon completion you can decide to top with soda if it tastes too sweet
and if too tart top with ginger-ale. Fruit ingredients can be

whatever you have in your crisper along the lines of apple, orange, grapes, pear, berries and top with lemon and lime slices. Feel free to garnish with any of these select fruits. For added effect, I keep mason jars in the freezer and add a splash of peach schnapps over ice before adding the Sangria mixture. Guests appreciate the details and you will want to make this in a large size vessel for readily available refills. The sun will set on this one before you know it!

Tipsy Loon
This beverage my sister and I have been making for years and you could name it after your cottage road if you want to further personalize it. Grab your coconut flavoured rum, add orange juice, pineapple juice and here’s the clincher: open a can of fruit cocktail and add about one inch of the fruit cocktail to the bottom of a rock crystal glass. Slip in some of the sweet fruit cocktail syrup as well. You will be a tipsy loon for sure, best to stay on dry land though for this one!

Kawartha Kiss
This one gets a little more specific if you can find raspberry lemonade. There are a few brands available and you can experiment with whichever one provides the level of sweetness you most appreciate. Select a goblet type bowl glass filled with ice. Add half of the raspberry lemonade to the glass and make the other half prosecco. Top with mint, berries or lemon rind. The compliments coming your way for this drink will be focused on its light and sparkling approach along with its presentation appeal. Keep the Kawartha kisses to yourself though!

Many drink classics hold the top drink list for 2020 including: the Aperol Spritz, the Mojito and I know the Negroni has made a huge comeback. The Old Fashioned and Whiskey Sour still hold top spots and who doesn’t appreciate a retro Daiquiri for a docktail. Find your social circle for summer 2020 and enjoy finding a new hack for your favourite cocktail, hearkening back to a classic or inventing something entirely new you can call your own.

By: Joanne Clark