Intimate Gatherings Call for Wine

2020 weddings are one-of-a-kind in that couples are really rolling with limitations on how they can host guests and gatherings to celebrate their special day. We all think of wine on decorated tables for guests to enjoy when we think of wedding celebrations – and now is a perfect time to craft your own. Wine is a perfect personal touch when selecting the flavour palette for your intimate gathering; and it also makes the perfect take-home favour.

Since 1997, The Wine Shoppe on Park has been proudly serving Peterborough and area with expert winemaking services, highest-quality grape juices and top-of-the-line equipment. As Peterborough’s favourite (and busiest) winemaking place, they are proud to say that they have helped their patrons produce almost 3 million bottles of wine! 

With stringent COVID-19 protocols in place the Wine Shoppe offers a safe and accessible space to bottle your own brand. You can even order a batch of wine online from their convenient website!

The craft winemaking process is so simple! With the help of the amazing staff at the Wine Shoppe you begin by selecting your wine from a list of 200+ selections; sprinkle the yeast to start the fermentation, and then leave it with their expertly-trained staff, who take it through its fermentation processes. When you return in 4-8 weeks to bottle your wine, they have great user-friendly bottling stations and offer guidance from their knowledgeable and friendly staff. Don’t forget; your wine will then need to age. Different sections (red or white) will need varying times, so order early as some wines need 2-3 months to mature.

Another great option for weddings is offering your guests the most adorable half bottles as favours. Personalise each bottle with custom labels and choose from a rainbow of coloured shrink caps; this individual touch will send home all the best memories of your special day with guests to enjoy later.

The staff at the Wine Shoppe know how much time and planning goes into preparing for a wedding. Remember, the earlier you make your wine the more time it will have allowing the flavours to fully develop, so the wait will definitely be worth it!

They want to help alleviate some of the stress by assisting you in choosing and making wines to please everyone on your special day. Call today to make your consultation appointment and start the crafting process this winter for your summer wedding!

The Wine Shoppe on Park, 392 Brock Street, Peterborough, 705 749 9463